Evothings Studio 2.0 Beta 3

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Evothings Studio 2.0 Beta 3

Postby alex » 21:39, 05 Feb 2016

We're very happy to announce that there is a new Studio at large! In this release of Evothings Studio 2.0 beta 3, we've polished on our appearance and functionality, and the supporting services like a easier documentation structure, and several starter guides for Eddystone beacons, iBeacons and Bluetooth Low Energy in general. In the Studio Workbench software, you'll find an improved UI, with clearer instructions and guidance for getting started making IoT apps.

We’ve done some refurbishing, wedging out some of our best tutorials, demos and articles into a single menu. It will hopefully lend a good overview on what you can create with Evothings studio using these articles as starting points!

p.s. Those of you who have found generating new access codes tedious in the past, should try to login using your Google or Github account. By restarting the Viewer client you'll get a login button for easy access (with a current timeout of three days). All feedback is highly appreciated!

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