app sample not work for iOS device

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app sample not work for iOS device

Postby zuoh01 » 17:23, 27 Aug 2015

I am new to mobile development, I used the ti-sensortag example in evothings studio and use cordova build the demo app for iOS and android. on an Android platform, it works fine, but when use Xcode to build and distribute to iOS device, the apps is running but never worked. I checked your evothings client Xcode project and know I may need to set some configuration that can see the app in ios device app setting with bluetooth sharing, I don’t know how to make this configuration, I created a same setting bundle within Xcode project for bluetooth sharing, but don’t know what is the identify value I need to add for bluetooth peripherals? could you help me?

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Re: app sample not work for iOS device

Postby micke » 12:00, 29 Aug 2015


I suggest testing the following steps:
  • Create a new Cordova project (e.g. cordova create myproject com.mydomain.myproject MyProject)
  • Aadd the BLE plugin (cordova plugin add
  • Delete the files in www and add the files from the Evothings example "BLE Scan"
  • Add platform ios (cordova platform add ios)
  • Open the project in Xcode and run the app on an iPhone or iPad
If this works, you know that BLE is working.

As next step, replace the files in folder www with one of the Evothnings TI SensorTag example apps (first make sure it works when running from Evothings Client).

The remove files in folder www and add in your project files and see if it works now.

Let me know how it goes.

Best, Mikael

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Re: app sample not work for iOS device

Postby zuoh01 » 18:32, 02 Sep 2015

Hi, Micke,

Thanks for your reply. I followed your help and tested example "BLE Scan", it works, even without sensor data display.
I also test the other 4 examples that related to ti-sensortag and the only one works for me is "ti-sensortag-cc2650-demo".
It only displayed Accelerometer data, I change to Magnetometer data and it works, I try to add more sensors
data that means read more services and notifications but not get it worked yet. Could you help me to add one more sensor data
such as to display temperature data?
By the way I find this example code use easyble.startScan and device.connect, device.readService.. functions but without the other example's initialize SensorTag and callback/handle functions.
I also find most of these examples use "libs/evothings/tisensortag/tisensortag.js" and no example use "libs/evothings/tisensortag/tisensortag-ble.js". Do you think to use the "tisensortag-ble.js" will more suitable? ,
but how to use it, could you give me an example?

All these examples works for Evothings client and works for Android system when build with Cordova, but with Xcorde project on iOS system It happened as I mentioned in last email and above. Hope get your help again.

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