Evothings Studio 1.2 officially released

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Evothings Studio 1.2 officially released

Postby alex » 20:38, 09 Jun 2015

Evothings Studio 1.2 officially released – Get started to build mobile apps for IoT in just five minutes!

This release has several new examples and templates, supporting various new forms of hardware.

Evothings Studio now supports the new TI SensorTag CC2650 for developing wearables and other sensor-centric applications. Our TI SensorTag JavaScript library (supporting both CC2650 and CC2541) has been refactored and extended to become even more capable and developer-friendly. API design is as much about usability as UI design.

Our friends at ARM mbed have courteously contributed with examples covering mbed Custom GAP and mbed Custom GATT services, allowing Evothings support for devices compliant with the mbed architecture, like the Nordic Semiconductor nRF51 DK BLE developer kit.

You’ll also find a brand new Apache Cordova getting-started example that shows how to use the phone’s on-board accelerometer to create events like controlling graphics, and with vibration! A goodie for HTML5 UI craftsmen is that the FastClick library (for cleverly circumventing the infamous 300ms touch event) is now included in all examples, to support a great user experience.

Explore these links to get started with the new release:

Download Evothings Studio

Evothings Studio documentation

Release notes

TI SensorTag examples

ARM mbed examples

Apache Cordova accelerometer example

Give Evothings Studio a go right away — it takes just 5 minutes to get started with building amazing IoT apps!
http://evothings.com/download (and our developer apps at the public app stores, search for “evothings”)

We’re most excited to hear what you think and any new things you’ve been working on. We’re evothings on Twitter and we love feedback!

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