Cordova Eddy stone example

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Cordova Eddy stone example

Postby scott.e » 14:41, 06 Apr 2016

I can get and run the 'Eddy stone scanner" example within the studio finding beacons. However as soon as I try to export it by copying it into a cordova project adding the plugins etc. But it loads on the phone scans and finids nothing.

Simplyfying I ran the 'cordova-plugin-eddystone' example following

Now again after following those instructions to the tea nothing happens once scanning comences, none are found. In my mind given evostudio example worked its a quirk on Android with blue-tooth permissions or something else I am not thinking of. The error logs and ADB logcat show nothing.

Cordova 6.1.1 CLI
Nexus 5

I appreciate the hard work getting to hear from you all, however if I cant move the app out of the studio easily I cant use it in the future! More than happy to provide my code etc. If someone wants to look at where I am going wrong or has ideas.



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Re: Cordova Eddy stone example

Postby alex » 21:10, 06 Apr 2016

If you have a look, there are several plug-ins in Evothings Viewer, here is the full list:

You'll need at least the BLE, the Eddystone library if you're running such beacons for instance. ... stone.html

You'd might also like to browser through some of the docs, to learn more: ... guide.html

(perhaps also this one:

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