Evothings Client fails to connect to workbench

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Evothings Client fails to connect to workbench

Postby misshoran » 19:39, 11 Sep 2015

Hi Guys
The Arduino LED on/off TCP client detects PC running workbench but when you Run the program "Arduino LED on/off TCP" and then try to connect the Client I get the msg"Some Pictures have been blocked to prevent the sender identify your computer. Open this item to view the pictures"

When installed first it worked fine OS Windows 7 and Firewall on but since then I have installed Google 2 step verification, I am running Norton Security, Windows firewall is still on. I suspect from the warning msg it is one of the above probably Google 2 step verification or Norton Security but I have no idea where to check.
Please help

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Re: Evothings Client fails to connect to workbench

Postby alex » 20:08, 11 Sep 2015

It sound like the firewall being too efficient, without thinking too much. We've seen a number of cases where a managed network becomes so safe it becomes hard to use for developers.
I'd propose to try out the Evothings Studio 2.0 which assists PC and phone via a proxy, but regardless the Evothings Application needs to have permission to access the network by the OS, just like any other application running on the computer. You can find it here: https://evothings.com/download-evothings-studio-2-0-alpha/

p.s. The 2.0 version doesn't run the Evothings Client, but another app called Evothings Viewer, but the magic is the same!



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