Esp8266 problems with modified arduino led tcp

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Esp8266 problems with modified arduino led tcp

Postby swilson » 18:10, 15 Apr 2015

Hi everyone. Just started playing with Evothings last night and it is really cool. Nice job.

I have a Esp8266, the ESP-12 version, that I am coding to using the Arduino IDE. Basically it let's you run arduino code right on the esp8266. I took the arduino led tcp example and modified it for my use. It starts up, connects fine and works great except for one problem. My app consists of the ip address box so it will connect, a status button to show current state of pin 5, and a activate button to take pin 12 low for 1 second then back to high.

Either button works good the first time and then gives connection error until reset. It is connected, you press button and it does its thing correctly. If you try it again you get the error. It's like it disconnects for good after the request is sent. I am playing with a 5 sec timer on the digitalRead stuff and that works except it errors still on 2nd request.

I can add app.connect() to the end of the digitalWrite section and make it work over and over but that won't work on the digitalRead.

If I disconnect and reconnect using the buttons it works again.

Any thoughts??

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