Connect Sensortag with MotoX

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Connect Sensortag with MotoX

Postby slmsouza » 18:27, 12 Apr 2015


I am not able to connect to the sensorTag using the Evothings codes.
Both codes doesn’t work on my MotoX phone.
The sensorTag demo seems to be able to connect but stop on “reading sensortag services”…
The sensortag sensor stops on “status: scanning…”but this code warns that it needs the 1.5 firmware version.
The firmware version 1.5 is also necessary to run the sensortag demo?
I saw that the firmware version of my sensortag is old (rev 1.2.0 1502).
The sensortag works well with the app downloaded from the play store.
The only way to make it work is updating the firmware? If so, do you know how to do that using android devices?

Thank you in advance

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