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Postby zdravko » 17:29, 24 Feb 2015

I am trying to install com.megster.cordova.bluetoothSerial plugin, but it seems to be preinstalled in Evothings Studio. It obviously clashes somehow, because two functions
bluetoothSerial.subscribeRawData() and bluetoothSerial.unsubscribeRawData() are not available.

I've build a cordova project, but Evothings built in plugin seems to take over.
cordova plugin add com.megster.cordova.bluetoothSerial
has no effect at all.
Is this bluetoothSeroal plugin installed in Evothings Studio?
I need to communicate to Blutooth classic device (Nonin Oxymeter) in binary mode.

Thanks in advance, Zdravko.

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Re: bluetoothSerial

Postby micke » 11:05, 20 Mar 2015

Hi Zdravko,

Sorry for the very slow response.

Evothings Client has both the cordova-ble plugin and the bluetoothSerial. It is fully possible there may be conflicts.

Would it be a solution to build a Cordova app with only bluetoothSerial plugin?

I am working on a blog post for how to use Evothings Workbench with a Cordova app (in place of Evothings Client): ... va-ibeacon

Perhaps that can be of some help?

Best regards, Mikael

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Re: bluetoothSerial

Postby zdravko » 11:40, 20 Mar 2015

Thanks. Indeed, this is what I was looking for. In addition I will need to use bcsphere bluetooth plugin, which I still need to learn how to use. Using bluetooth services isn't trivial at all. I'm looking for some tutorials/examples if there are any.
Evothings with Cordova is a great concept!

Regards, Zdravko

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