Can't get Pushing sensor data onto AWS to work

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Can't get Pushing sensor data onto AWS to work

Postby wsialex » 21:57, 04 Apr 2018

I tried following your tutorial found here
but i can't get it to work. I have an AWS account that works but I am completely new to AWS. I would like to push som sensor data from a BLE device in the end but can't really get the cloudformation wizard to finish without error. If using the link you provide and pressing next in step #1 I get error message:
Template validation error: S3 error: Access Denied For more information check ... onses.html

If i upload the template json which can be found in the EvoAWS folder aws-iot-demo\aws-resources\iot.template I can finish the wizard but then I get an error in step #3. I get a CREATE_FAILED event with error message:
Your access has been denied by S3, please make sure your request credentials have permission to GetObject for ioe2015/ S3 Error Code: AccessDenied. S3 Error Message: Access Denied

This seems to be close to working, some permission maybe needs to be modified in the template but I can't get it to work, any help would be appreciated!

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