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arduino101 + evothings + arduino-led-onoff-ble example

Posted: 07:10, 29 Feb 2016
by govkn
The newly released arduino101( geniuno101 outside NA ) comes with onboard BLE. I was having a heck of a time getting connected to my 101 using BLE . . .That was until I found evothings :P

After working with and modifying the arduino-led-onoff-ble example code, I was able to set-up an example that controls 4 leds and 2 servo motors. I have posted some instructions and the code necessary to run this on the arduino101 forum:

I am posting this here in case any arduino101 users come looking and also I hope those more experienced with evothings can critique so we all can make it better. I am now working on the arduinoble example so I can get two-way communication going between the 101 and evothings!

Thank you all at evothings for this wonderful platform.


Re: arduino101 + evothings + arduino-led-onoff-ble example

Posted: 18:07, 05 Mar 2016
by alex
You rock!

best regards