Choices of tools, libs and languages for app development

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Choices of tools, libs and languages for app development

Postby Eric » 09:11, 26 Apr 2014

I often feel that there are too many tools, libraries and languages available for developing apps. Investing time in learning them can be risky because they might not stick around for long. I think I'm not alone having this feeling.

Which tools, libraries and languages are you using or are interested in using for app development?

I like having full control, therefore I like Assembly languages and dislike abstraction. I like good, unique, tailored design and therefore i like CSS because it enables me to realize anything my designer throws at me. Assembly and CSS don't go well together and I ended up being a web developer. Today I mostly develop hybrid, responsive, cross-platform apps. I try to stick as low-level as possible because that gives me control, so I prefer developing using "vanilla" HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I currently write my code using Sublime Text 2. Usually I make great use of jQuery. My new favorite tool that greatly speeds up my work is Evothings Studio because it enables me to do live coding towards multiple devices and platforms.
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