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iBeacon support

Postby Novinski » 14:58, 23 Apr 2014


We are a group of people at an R&D lab looking into iBeacon technology. We aim to create mobile solutions using iBeacons and a backend system we are developing. We noticed you have some examples scanning for BLE devices. Do you plan to support iBeacons? If so, any idea of when?


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Re: iBeacon support

Postby Fredrik » 13:43, 24 Apr 2014

We have a small JavaScript library that uses our BLE plugin to scan for iBeacons. It is not yet integrated into Evothings Studio, but I have uploaded the code here.

It works only on Android, since iOS unfortunately does not supply the [BLE scanRecord] that contains the raw iBeacon data.

Fortunately, I have found another Cordova plugin that does support iBeacons on iOS.

We would like to add this plugin to the Evothings Client in a future version. Until then, if you want to use it, you will have to modify the Client to include the plugin yourselves. It should not be very hard, and if you have any questions, we're ready to help.

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Re: iBeacon support

Postby alex » 15:31, 24 Apr 2014

The plans for upcoming versions of Evothings Studio include adding support for ibeacons and related services on both Android and iOS. We've received several questions in relation to this lately, and think it's a good addition to the growing number of hardware and systems supported!



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Re: iBeacon support

Postby micke » 11:50, 15 Aug 2014

Hi. iBeacons are supported in on iOS and Android in Evothings Studio 0.8.0 released in August 2014.
Regards, Mikael

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