Problem Getting Started

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Problem Getting Started

Postby mike_k » 21:48, 06 Jan 2016

I can connect my EVOThings Viewer with my IDE without problem but whenever I click 'run' on any of the examples starting with the hello world one, the EVOThings Viewer says:

File Not Found: unknown session: XXXXX-...

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Re: Problem Getting Started

Postby alex » 23:50, 06 Jan 2016

Hi Mike!

Please share some more info with us, what's your operating system, have you had previous versions installed, what's your current version of
Evothings Studio? Can you please share what the Console under Tools in the Workbench states, if anything.

Are you logging in using the generated connect code, or by using your Github or Google account?



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Re: Problem Getting Started

Postby phatpaul » 23:36, 19 Jan 2016

I'm getting the same error described by mike_k. It just started today.

To answer your questions, alex:
I'm running Evothings Workbench 2.0.0 Beta 2 on Windows 7 64-bit.
I'm running Evothings Viewer 1.2.0 on Android 5.1 on LG G4.

I have previously had this current version working as well as the previous versions (with Evothings Client) working.
I've tried logging in using the generated connect code, as well as creating an account- with the same result.

There is no debugging output in the console.

Maybe a clue: This problem may have coincided with me building and installing a native version of my app. The native version is working, but the Viewer is now broken.
I followed the instructions here: ... ndows.html except that I was unable to install cordova@3.6.3-0.2.13 and instead installed the default which was 5.4.1. (due to some dependency issue)

I have since tried uninstalling/reinstalling the Viewer on my phone, no luck.
What else should I try?

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Re: Problem Getting Started

Postby micke » 18:35, 20 Jan 2016


Tested with a fresh install Evothings Viewer 1.2.0 on Android 5.0.2 on LG G2, and Workbench 1.2 on OX X, it worked.

@Paul Is the custom-build app a custom version of Evothings Viewer? Or another Cordova app? A custom Viewer should install over the existing Viewer (unless the app id is changed) and should work... Installing another app build with Cordova should not have any impact. (And sorry about the outdated links in the Cordova guide, in the process of updating that.)

You can double check that the server address is in the Workbench (under More/Settings) and in the Viewer (under Settings). But since you can connect I guess the server address must be ok.

Does the same error happen if you enter a new connect key and connect? There is a timeout on sessions, I think 24 hours, perhaps the session got expired.

One other thing to try is to enter this URL in the Viewer:

Then press Connect. This should display a list of demo apps. Try running BLE Scan and see if it works.

If this works the Viewer is at able to run apps from a web server, but not from the Workbench.

Please let me know how this goes.

Best regards, Mikael

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Re: Problem Getting Started

Postby phatpaul » 20:23, 20 Jan 2016

Well, today it is just working. So I may not be able to help further. I may have restarted my phone last night, but have not restarted my computer. (yes, I know that is the first thing I should have tried...)

Anyway, to answer your questions:
I built a native version of my app (which was previously running in the Evothings Viewer) using the instructions. I don't think it is a custom version of the Viewer. Anyway, it installs as it's own entry and I can run both the Viewer and my custom app.

The error kept happening despite trying multiple keys and even trying the account login.

The demo site is working today, but then again, everything seems to work normally today. So I can't tell you if the demo site was working while the Workbench was not.

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Re: Problem Getting Started

Postby micke » 16:35, 22 Feb 2016

Thanks for the update!

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