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evothings nRF51-DK Ble

Posted: 13:18, 07 Sep 2015
by jonas_graae
We're trying to build an IOS app that can controll the nRF51-DK BLE chip, with the sample layout evothings provide.

When using the evothings client, it is possible to connect to the nRF51 chip with bluetooth. It connects immediatly and app work fine.
But when converting the app with cordova for IOS xcode, we can't get the app to connect with the chip.

I seems like we have missed something within bluetooth communication with IOS. I can find the chip with the lightblue app, but somthing goes wrong when connecting in the app. when trying to connect with the nRF51 chip it just keep seeking for the chip without any result.

Is there somebody who know how solve this problem. ?



Re: evothings nRF51-DK Ble

Posted: 19:02, 23 Sep 2015
by alex
Hi Jonas!

Have you tried building any of the other examples with BLE, and added the BLE plug-in prior to generating the xCode project?