Evothings Studio version 0.8.0 at large!

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Evothings Studio version 0.8.0 at large!

Postby alex » 14:02, 14 Aug 2014

Hi Developers!

We're happy to announce the latest release, now with support for iBeacons, new examples, a new shiny UI overhaul and
improved stability. Many of the examples are revamped, and hope you like it!

Release Notes v0.8.0

- Supported platforms for Evothings Workbench are OS X, Windows and Linux.
- Supported platforms for the Evothings Client app are Android and iOS.
- Evothings Client now supports sharing of apps by hosting them on a web server. Furthermore, you can use evothings: URLs to make it easy for people to launch your apps by selecting a link on a web site or in an email. Read more on the page Share Your App.
- The Evothings Client app features new native plugins for iBeacons (iOS, Android) and serial Bluetooth (Android), and updated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) plugin.
- Cordova plugins that present potential security risks have been removed from Evothings Client (e.g. file access and contacts). If you need an app with these plugins, you can build your own version of Evothings Client or contact us.
- Documentation is updated with a guide for How To Build Native Apps from your Evothings project using Apache Cordova.
- The Evothings Client app has a new UI.
- There is a new example app for iBeacons.
- The Example apps also have the new UI design, with improved navigability, and a stronger visual identity and clarity.
- Evothings Workbench now displays a notification when a new version of Evothings Studio is available.

/Evothings devteam

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