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Evothings Studio 2.1 Beta!

Posted: 14:31, 16 May 2016
by alex
We're very glad to announce that Evothing Studio is out of Alpha and
available for download. So happy that we've even thrown in a few features from the upcoming Evothings Studio Enterprise edition regarding the inspection (instrumentation of what's going in on-board the mobile devices, and the ability to inject code - both javascript and binaries - live onto mobile apps while they're running on phones and tablets!

Here is a brute list of what's added since the last Beta in terms of features and functionality:
  • New cloud token tracking making it easier for us to handle new advanced features like instrumentation and OTA file uploads.
  • Moved to Electron which gives us native menus, better file dialogs and much more!
  • Switched to material design lite for some of the UI parts.
  • New proper installers, dmg for OSX, Squirrel for Windows and Debian packages for Linux.
  • Three (3) new Dialog examples.
  • A new MediaTek LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo example.
  • A new Raspberry Pi 3 example.
  • All examples are now hosted and loaded online from making it easy to publish new examples.
  • Examples sorted alphabetically (save still with all Hello World examples at the top).
  • Various bug fixes.