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Building native app for Sensor Tag

Posted: 00:40, 22 Feb 2016
by ashishram
Hi Everyone!
I am new to Evothings and Sensor Tag. I want to build an native app for the sensor tag and use it with amazon AWS lambda function. I found Evothings really good but I want to make my app native.
Just to try out, I built native app for the demo application Sensor Tag Demo with cordova as mentioned in the site which is successful, but it does not scan and connect to the sensor tag. Am I missing anything ? I think I do not need to include any plugins, right ?
I will really appreciate your help.


Re: Building native app for Sensor Tag

Posted: 01:06, 22 Feb 2016
by ashishram
Just incase there is any confusion, here are the things i did.
1. Create a cordova project.
2. copied the content of TI Sensor Tag demo app to the www folder of cordova project
3. go to command line and fire these commands
cordova platform add android
cordova build android
4. Install the generated apk to android device. Install successfully. But the sensor status remains in "Scanning..."

I also tried the same process with including "cordova-plugin-ble" plugin. Still it did not work. :(