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error codes from errorCallback meanings

Posted: 15:07, 10 Oct 2015
by lapserdaq
Hi again,
what are the meanings of error codes from errorCallback eg. 133.


Re: error codes from errorCallback meanings

Posted: 08:58, 12 Oct 2015
by Fredrik
The error codes we display are those we recieve from the phone's OS. Android error 133 is a particularly enigmatic one. I don't know any more than you. :(

Re: error codes from errorCallback meanings

Posted: 23:30, 04 Dec 2015
by tolson
I recently came up against the Android error 133 on a project I was working on. The project was working AOK on iOS. Googling resulted in no useful help. Lot's of speculations. I tried them all. Hmm! I tried some of my other previously working without a hitch projects; sure enough they were also coughing up the error 133 more than just rarely. Ugh! Finally, it dawned on me my nexus 7 2013 was just upgraded to 6.0.
I purged the cache of everything. Voila! now they are working again and so is the current project. Unbelievable! I have no idea what really was the problem, nor have the inclination to figure it further. Hopefully, the cache doesn't repeat. Could just be something that should be done as part of a major revision level change. And in the end it may be not have anything to do with the cache.
Have fun!