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Estimote Cordova plugin

Postby micke » 18:08, 19 Dec 2014

Just want to say that there is a Cordova/PhoneGap plugin for Estimote Beacons:

Regards, Mikael :)

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Re: Estimote Cordova plugin

Postby jlegue » 17:48, 01 Feb 2015

As I understand how the Evothings workbench is constructed (which is limited), there are pre-packaged plugins added as part of the Cordova app(s) that becomes Evothings Workbench + Client (e.g. the Estimate PhoneGap plugin as example).

What happens if you want to update/upgrade one of the pre-packaged plugins in the Workbench + Client? I wanted to do some quick prototyping using Workbench+Client on Estimate Nearables using the latest plugin, but from what I can tell even though my local app includes the plugin, the Workbench+Client use their pre-packaged version which is of the vintage from when Workbench 1.1. was created?

Maybe there is a way to force usage of the source code’s plugin in the flow?


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Re: Estimote Cordova plugin

Postby Fredrik » 17:56, 03 Feb 2015

The Workbench doesn't know or care about the Client's plugins, so you only need to care about the Client.

To build it, you'll need the native SDK(s) for the phone platform you're using.

Then install Ruby, fetch the Client source code and run the workfile. That should create a bunch of directories, each containing a plugin. Update the plugin(s) as you like, then run "ruby workfile.rb ca" to ensure the updated plugins get compiled.

After that, you have your own Client, which you can install on your phone.

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