Estimote IOS Cordova Issue

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Estimote IOS Cordova Issue

Postby tecodo » 18:11, 02 Oct 2015

We are building an app using MS Visual Studio 15/Cordova/Evothings plugin. The app works fine on Android devices. However, we have not been able to compile and test the app on any iOS device (iOS 8 and 9 - iPhone 6 and iPad 3 and iPad 4). The problem seems to be with the environment setup done by the plugin from Evothings.
1 - Add the plugin using the Cordova builtin config.xml manager: the app compile fails for iOS only with a missing plugin for estimote.
2 - Add the plugin using the cordova command line interface: generates a general failure with exit code 2 (not very descriptive - just that it failed to compile), for iOS only.
3- Delete the plugin using the builtin cordova plugin manager in VS and only add it with the command line interface: will compile but the code fails on all estimote calls with an undefined object error, exactly the same error as when compiling without adding the plugin.

The only time the app fails on Android is if we eliminate the plugin from the project, which it obviously should, with an undefined object for estimote.

There is an entry on github by another developer regarding the failure of the plugin to install properly for iOS, with a possible workaround which did not work for us (option 3). However, there has been no comments and acknowledgement by Evothings.
Link: ... /issues/96
Installing from npm does not work · Issue #96 · evothings/phonegap-estimotebeacons
It currently does not work to install the plugin from npm and build for iOS. This is because that when installing the plugin from npm symbolic links used by the Estimote iOS library are not present...

Trying to compile the example app by Evothing on github generates the exact same symptoms on iOS, but not on Android.

We also tried the plugin by netdevsoftware on github, exact same error as step one above.

We have no issues with any other plugins, including the ti sensors plugin by Evothings. Our code worked as expected on Android and iOS.

I was wondering if anyone has run into this issue and any steps to resolve the problems or if you have any relationship with Evothings to have an update as to the nature of the issue and any potential fixes/timeline for the fix. Also if any other plugins you might know of.

As is, our deadline is fast approaching and iOS functionality is critical for the app as our potential partner for the marketing of this business app is Apple.

Any help/info you might be able to offer would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.

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Re: Estimote IOS Cordova Issue

Postby micke » 13:31, 05 Oct 2015

Hello, this sounds like it could be the problem reported in this issue: ... /issues/96

What you can test is to add the plugin using the address of the GitHub repo (instead of the plugin name registered on npm).

Use this command:

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cordova plugin add

Best regards, Mikael

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Re: Estimote IOS Cordova Issue

Postby tecodo » 18:05, 07 Oct 2015

We already did that. When we do that it says the plugin for estimote is needed but missing.

Either way we are getting an Exit 2 error.

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