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Problems with Estimote beacons and example app

Posted: 23:00, 09 Aug 2015
by aman

I am trying to test out EvoThings Studio with my Estimote beacons and my iphone 4S. However, the example apps that come with the studio is not working. The estimote application works, but not the EvoThings Studio.

When I run the estimote beacons app example, it simply doesnt show the beacons.

What could be wrong ?

Re: Problems with Estimote beacons and example app

Posted: 15:06, 11 Aug 2015
by micke
Hi Aman,

I think this is because the Estimote plugin is updated, but the plugin in the Evothings Client app is not updated.

What you can try is to do is hooking up a Cordova app to Evothings Workbench. Here is documentation: ... rEvothings

There is support for this in the "Beacon Finder" example app in the plugin repo. Check the Live Code screen.

To sum up:

If the Evothings Client app does not support the plugin(s) you want to have, you can create a custom Cordova app and connect that one to Evothings Workbench. You can then add any plugins you want (and use the latest versions), while still using the fast workflow of Evothings Workbench.

Here is a post with related info: ... g-cordova/

Hope this helps!

Best regards, Mikael

Re: Problems with Estimote beacons and example app

Posted: 19:12, 10 Sep 2015
by Vilas
I'm would like to modify the Estimate Beacon example so that I can start scanning for devices when I want to instead of polling via the loop which drains the battery.
I added a button with onClick to call the startScan function in the app.js but I get can't find startScan error in the log window.

Once I get this to work. My goal is to integrate this sample with IBM MobileFirst Hybrid app, so I can invoke startScan() function with button and get the beacon data. Is there an example of how to integrate it with MobileFirst hybrid app?

I'm fairly new to Javascript/Node but I have created a function in appTest.js and been able to invoke that function from index.html button.
Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks!
-- vilas

Re: Problems with Estimote beacons and example app

Posted: 11:11, 28 Sep 2015
by micke

Perhaps the error function is never called (no error occurs)?

Also try using hyper.log in place of console.log, to make sure the message is sent to the Workbench window. You can also try to display any error message in the UI of the app.

I am not familiar with MobileFirst, so cannot help much with that.

What is the current status? Did you get the start scan and stop scan buttons to work?

Best regards, Mikael