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[Estimote Beacons] iOS notifications

Posted: 16:50, 04 Aug 2015
by tyranneo

I'm trying to develop an iOS mobile hybrid app with cordova, estimote beacons and ibeacons plugin; so the app is working fine in background and in foreground when I start it manually, but it stops working when it is killed.

Is it possibile for a hybrid app to be woken up by iOS when it is in the beacon range even if the user previously killed the app or rebooted the device?
I know this is something achievable writing the app natively, but is there any way to do so with a cordova plugin?

Re: [Estimote Beacons] iOS notifications

Posted: 11:16, 28 Sep 2015
by micke
Hi, yes this is possible using the Cordova local notification plugin.

Here is a tutorial that may be of help, it mentions the use of the notification plugin: ... g-cordova/

Note that this plugin is currently not supporting Cordova 5. There is a fork that supports Cordova 5 here: ... ngs-master

Add the plugin to your Cordova project like this:

Code: Select all

cordova plugin add

Best regards, Mikael