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Ionic/cordova app with estimotebeacons plugin

Posted: 15:27, 17 Jun 2015
by pelegr
Hi there,

We are developing a hybrid application for IOS and Android devices, based on the Ionic framework and cordova which also utilizes the estimote beacons plugin maintained by Evothings (

We have an alpha version, and overall it is working great for Android.
Furthermore, we have successfully build it for IOS via Xcode.

However, when trying to submit the archive (ipa) to Apple, we receive the following error:
"The binary file .../www/plugins.../src/ios/libEstimoteSDK.a is not permitted. Your App can't contain standalone executables or libraries..."

Based on several threads found on the web, we have also verified that the static library only appears in the "link binary with libraries" section of the build phases in xcode and not in the "copy bundle resources" section.

Has anyone encountered this, or can point me in the right direction to solve this annoyance ?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Ionic/cordova app with estimotebeacons plugin

Posted: 10:01, 22 Jun 2015
by Fredrik
".a" files shouldn't remain in the app after linking; they get merged with all the other code into an .elf file or similar.

I see the ".a" file is found under "/www/plugins". The "www" part indicates that directory and subdirectories should contain only ".js" files. Remove any ".a" files from there, then recompile.