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Estimote Beacon native app doesn't work

Posted: 23:35, 06 Apr 2015
by zelonka
I created an application in HTML5 and java script to work with Estimote Beacons, I worked in Evothings Workbench and ran my code within Evothibngs client, which runs just fine. However, building the app in Cordova, the app just don't work I have already added the plugin “” and not get it to work. I’m using the version of Cordova and follow this tutorial “”.

Can somebody help me?

Re: Estimote Beacon native app doesn't work

Posted: 10:14, 08 May 2015
by micke

Does it work to build the example app in the Estimote Cordova plugin repo? ... con-finder

Check that you have the Estimote plugin added to your Cordova project if you want to use the Estimote JavaScript API. I recommend using one beacon plugin to avoid conflicts. Try with either the Estimote plugin or the iBeacon plugin from Peter Metz.

Here is a blog post for the iBeacon plugin that may be of some general help: ... g-cordova/

Tutorial for the Estimote plugin with info at the end of the article about how to build a native Cordova app: ... -estimote/

Does this help?

Best, Mikael