Getting started "estimote" not found

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Getting started "estimote" not found

Postby BrandonW » 22:21, 14 Feb 2015

Hi, I was directed here from README.

Ultimate goal is to use cordova/phonegap to build apps for both Android and iOS using estimote beacons. I will also need to use other cordova plugins as well. Because I will need other plugins, my understanding is that just using a vanille Evothings workbench setup is a non-starter. I want a good, fast, dev cycle and so far Evothings Workbench looks like a pretty good way to do this. I'm really quite new to the world of mobile development, but I'm already fairly along the way of getting myself setup (I think).

So the problem...which I think is pretty basic:
I followed the instructions for running the Beacon Finder app, about 1/3 down the README.
For the step to "Build and run the Beacon Finder example app." I ran

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cordova run android
which successfully pushed to my usb-connected android phone.
Followed the rest of the steps from that section.
Result: range-finder demo does nothing. I look in workbench tools and on bottom log I see

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LOG: [ERR] Uncaught ReferenceError: estimote is not defined [js/screen-range-beacons.js: 59]

I probably should note that if I run the estimote beacon example included in the Workbench and then connect using Evothings Client...that demo app does in fact work correctly.

I also want to note that I've tried a couple of slightly different runs at my ideal setup and so far this one is the closest I have come to success. So thanks :D . Hopefully someone can help me get past the finish line now!

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Re: Getting started "estimote" not found

Postby BrandonW » 22:30, 14 Feb 2015

Wow, to think I was that close!

Found the README inside the the beacon-finder directory. I was missing just one thing:

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cordova plugin add

Now life is good :D

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Re: Getting started "estimote" not found

Postby micke » 20:07, 17 Feb 2015

Hi Brandon,

Great to hear it worked out.

There is a plugin version issue to be aware of when using the Estimote Cordova plugin (and other plugins as well). Since the update time for an app on the App Store is not super fast, Evothings Client lags behind the JavaScript API the Estimote plugin.

Therefore it is a good solution to use Evothings Workbench with your Cordova app. The Estimote Beacon Finder example in the plugin now has support for connecting to the Workbench. More info is available in the README file:

There is also new generated documentation available: ... tebeacons/

Check out this tutorial for further details on how to use Evothings Workbench with Cordova:

Hope this help!

Best regards, Mikael

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