Redbear ble test not working

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Redbear ble test not working

Postby swin66 » 12:50, 20 May 2016

i followed this: ... -a-custom/

but although the evo app connects, the led does not turn off/on

wiring is correct as i can turn it off/on using arduino code

using serial monitor i can see arduino doesnt seem to get any bluetooth messages once connected

the sketch is uploader using codebender :

i also tried the redbear simple control app and again it connects ok, but if i try the high/low buttoms i get an error on the app that says "Alert - Failed to send data"

Any ideas?

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Re: Redbear ble test not working

Postby alex » 13:26, 20 May 2016

I should guess it something about the libraries for the board, did you load them via the "Tools > include library > manage libraries" in the Arduino SDK, or manually?

Can you please get the entire printout from the Arduino log, you can't see it all in the screen dump I guess,



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Re: Redbear ble test not working

Postby swin66 » 14:28, 20 May 2016

i'm using the site for arduino dev and the skwtch works as i tested it with th redbear android app

it's just the evothings apps do not work

i notice in the evo log i see the following when i try to turn led on/off

writeCharacteristic error: 128

i'm using LG G3 phone and have restarted ble and phone to no avail

serial log
Arduino EasyBLE example started
Serial rate set to 9600
ble_begin done!
Evt Device Started: Setup
Evt Device Started: Standby
Advertising started
Evt Connected
Evt Pipe Status
Evt Disconnected/Advertising timed out


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Re: Redbear ble test not working

Postby swin66 » 15:43, 20 May 2016

OK, a little update...

I think the error is something to do with the android implementaion as I ran the same code on an ipad and it worked (sort of)

the write message i was getting is now gone and replaced with success msg

there is a bug in the instructables sketch such that it does not handle the incoming bytes correctly and so led goes on then off

i then tried redbear simple control sketch and that works fine!

so i would suggest that there is something amiss in the android implementation of evothings or cordova

i also noticed that when reading android bytes in the sketch a "0" reads as int 48 and not zero, which it does on the ipad


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