Native Android app starts as Evothings client

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Native Android app starts as Evothings client

Postby MagnusL » 22:00, 16 Jul 2015

I try to build my Cordova app to a native Android app. Everything works fine in Evothings Workbench/client app.

Building the app also works fine and i get .APK file in the BTProject/platforms/android/out directory.

But when i move the App to the phone, install it and run it. It starts up as the Evothings client and i need to load the content of the app from EvoThings Workbenck.

What have i missed? I thought i would have built complete app that installs with the .APK.



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Re: Native Android app starts as Evothings client

Postby MagnusL » 06:49, 17 Jul 2015

So i got it working by removing: <content src="" /> from the config.xml file.

Is there a way that i can work with the project in Evothings workbench and without changing the config.xml build the project using cordova? s it possible to use multiple config files?


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Re: Native Android app starts as Evothings client

Postby ardiri » 00:03, 22 Jul 2015

it may be possible your topic heading is a little misleading - but, here goes.

i am under the impression you currently have an evothings application and you want to build it as a native android (cordova) application so there is no need to integrate with the evothings workbench to run your application (ie: you've built something and want to post it to an app store et al). correct? if you want to continue working with the evothings workbench; then you should really continue using the evothings client until you have completed your application implementation.

in any event; i assume you have read up on our starter kit:

that explains how to take your evothings application; and built it directly within the evothings client such that it can now look like your own and work independently from the evothings workbench. if this isn't what you are looking for, you'll need to explain more clearly what you are trying to do so we can provide some assistance.
// Aaron
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Re: Native Android app starts as Evothings client

Postby micke » 08:51, 22 Jul 2015

Hello Magnus,

I don't think you can set different content tags for development/production builds directly in config.xml.

I would guess hooks are a way to do what you want. Cordova hooks are scripts that run during the build and makes it possible to configure things during build. For example, you could have the setting:

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<content src="index.html" />

in config.xml, and then make a hook to copy the development or production version to the target platform www directory. For development, the index.html file could contain a script with something like:

Code: Select all


For production it would be the "real" index.html.

Here is an article that describes how to do this: ... ect-needs/

The technique outlined in the above post is based on setting and environment variable to detect development or production builds. Here is an example adopted from the post:

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TARGET=prod cordova build android

Documentation about hooks: ...

Another blog post: ... ing-hooks/

I guess there are other ways to configure the build, like custom scripts (written in Ruby, Node.js, whatever) that patches the config.xml file before starting the cordova build.

Personally, I just edit the config.xml file when using a custom Cordova app with Evothings Workbench, for my needs that is the easiest and quickest approach. But I use hooks for other things, have found them useful.

I find it very useful to hook up a custom Cordova app to Evothings Workbench, use this a lot when developing apps. You can even make a small UI in you app, if you want, that allows entering the address to the workbench. This technique is for example used in the Estimote Cordova plugin example app, see these files: ... x.html#L85 ... lopment.js

Hope the above helps! Let us know how it goes and please post further questions/discussions.

Best regards, Mikael

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