Using Evothings Client app without Workbench

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Using Evothings Client app without Workbench

Postby uzidon » 19:58, 04 Aug 2014

Hey all,

I tried the TCP example with my WiFi Shield for Arduino and it worked fine, but I have a question regarding something I don't understand.

I am trying to build a project which works solely from an Android app. Doing this would mean bypassing the Workbench or any PC functionality for that matter. I want to know if that is even possible. Not just in EvoThings Studio terms, but talking generally about the platform. What would one need to do if I were to control the LED from just my Android app and Arduino.

I'd really appreciate any bit of help on this.

Uzair A.
(A newbie tweaker)

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Re: Using Evothings Client app without Workbench

Postby micke » 13:07, 08 Aug 2014

Hi Uzair,

You could build a stand-alone Cordova app with your Arduino app and it would work without Evothings Studio.

You can also put your HTML/JS files for your app on a webserver, use the Evothings Client app to run the app, just be entering the URL to the webserver in the "Connect address" field. This will already now work for the iOS client version 0.8.0 on the App Store. The Android version on Google Play is scheduled to be updated next week. There is a release candidate here you can test meanwhile: ... Client.apk

Do you follow what I mean? The Evothings Client app is like a browser, you can enter any URL in the connect field. This way you can run your apps from a web server without having to build a native Android app. And the Evothings Workbench application is like a web server with some special live reload and live coding functionality.

Here is a preview of the documentation for this functionality:

Don't hesitate to contact me again if you need help.

Please let me know if the documentation needs to be clarified or if you spot any errors in the release candidate or in the docs.

Very best regards, Mikael

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Re: Using Evothings Client app without Workbench

Postby shahidmehboob » 13:43, 20 Oct 2015

Hi Mikael,

The links you mentioned in your post are not working anymore, I need a solution just like you explained in your post, but it's old post, may be links are not valid anymore.

Could you share again?

Thank you

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