Adding extra plugins

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Adding extra plugins

Postby Ghrenig » 14:17, 25 Jul 2014

Hi there
I have been using your software to test the standard cordova plugins as specified in your documentation. Makes testing and developing so much easier.
Is it possible for me to add in other cordova plugins to the evo enviroment. If yes how is this accomplished.

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Re: Adding extra plugins

Postby micke » 17:18, 27 Jul 2014


Yes, you can build your own version of the Evothings Client app.

Here is the repository:

The Ruby build script is in this file: ... orkfile.rb

Note that up can connect to Evothings Workbench from any Cordova app. You can create your own Cordova project, add the plugins you need, and instead of specifying "index.html" in your config.xml in the Cordova project, you specify the connect URL to the workbench, e.g. "" (the actual IP-address is displayed in the Workbench window).

You can find more info here:

I am currently writing documentation for how to use Cordova with Evothings Studio. Here is a related file in the new documentation (please note that this is work in progress): ... guide.html

Best regards, Mikael

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