Send SMS from an arduino

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Re: Send SMS from an arduino

Postby MagnusL » 14:55, 29 Apr 2014

Got it...

Now for an inovation project for the Evothings guys for Arduino geeks without javascript skills:

With the serial library mentioned above build a simple app that just receives commands over the serial(usb) port from the Arduino. This way anyone with an old phone could use it to send and maybe receive SMS or other data by just downloading and installing the app.


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Re: Send SMS from an arduino

Postby alex » 13:28, 06 May 2014

Good thinking, Magnus. There seems to be quite some experiments on the topic:

Oleg Mazurov's thoughts ... ular-phone ... gprs-modem

SO ... ess-module

And Tim Zaman going old-school

We're definitely going to look into this, as you mentioned many have an old phone lying around and this is definitely one way of going about hooking up over the GPRS/3G network w/o bespoke hardware.

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