Apps in digital film studio

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Apps in digital film studio

Postby magnus » 15:06, 24 Apr 2014

I'm meeting the owner of a technically advanced digital video studio (primarily for commercial film) to look into Evothings as a generic tool to develop apps supporting the activities in the film studio. Which API's and libraries are supported by Evothings Studio today, if any, and do you have any specific plans to support any? They are working with the Red Camera system.
Thx /m

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Re: Apps in digital film studio

Postby alex » 11:42, 25 Apr 2014

Hi Magnus,

There are definitely some options here, where the smartphone plays an important role. Seldom does it connect directly to
any of the systems. Red themselves have a number of supporting apps, while none of them seem to be used by being connected as such. ... graphy-app

Ourselves, we've looked at interfacing with DMX (for lighting) and MIDI (for sound). Using a smartphone only as a controller, you often need a small gateway in between. Luckily, an Arduino for 30€ with a shield stack on top would work wonders without major cost, for instance a DMX shield from Italian Tinker kit (left in the image below) and a Bluetooth Low Energy shield from Readbearlabs.

The idea is to use the phone to speak to the micro controller, which in turn has a small standard program to send data to lighting, sound and why not camera controls directly (have yet to to check out how the camera API works).


Tell us more what you want to do in your future endeavour, and let's see what possibilities there are!

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