Solution for Sigfox networks?

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Solution for Sigfox networks?

Postby magnus » 13:14, 23 Apr 2014

I've heard about Snootlab making a shield to Arduino for Sigfox networks. Any support in Studio?

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Re: Solution for Sigfox networks?

Postby Fredrik » 11:38, 24 Apr 2014

Perhaps you are referring to this shield?

Evothings Studio cannot directly support that shield, because it speaks only Sigfox, while PCs and phones do not. However, if you combine it with a WiFi, Ethernet or BLE shield, the resulting Arduino system will be able to talk to apps developed with Evothings.

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Re: Solution for Sigfox networks?

Postby alex » 21:06, 27 Apr 2014

We've just ordered a Snootlab shield, hopefully it's landing with us this week, and we are going to take a closer look as to what it does,
and how we can create an example app for SIGFOX -- looks very promising not to need a GSM card in everthing you'd want to hook up!



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Re: Solution for Sigfox networks?

Postby Eric » 07:12, 28 Apr 2014

It seems SIGFOX so far has networks set up in the Netherlands, France, Russia and Spain, see their SNO list (SIGFOX Network Operator list). Does anyone here live in range of a SIGFOX network?
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