Estimote Beacon ranging is not working for Android!

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Estimote Beacon ranging is not working for Android!

Postby aradhana » 09:04, 04 Mar 2016

I need to find nearest beacon based on distance between device and beacons supported on both Android as well as IOS. I have found Estimote Beacon sample application meeting my requirement a bit ( but is supporting ranging on IOS device only . Although its clearly mentioned on its official document that it support android and IOS both .. I am unable to run the sample application (Estimote Beacon) for android.

Please help me if I am missing anything? Reply me asap, waiting for your reply! :? :cry:

I have added region array as follows (which is working for IOS):

var regionArr = [
{ uuid:'146A5E70-392B-4513-B818-D71A0BFE4165',
major: 28,
minor: 24222,
identifier: "myregion"
{ uuid:'140d5A70-392B-4513-B818-D71A0BFE4165',
major: 27,
minor: 36908,
identifier: "myregion2"
major: 12,
minor: 20588,
identifier: "myregion3"
Inside startScan function :

for (var i in regionArr)
// Start ranging beacons.
// Empty region matches all beacons
// with the Estimote factory set UUID.


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Re: Estimote Beacon ranging is not working for Android!

Postby alex » 13:14, 06 Mar 2016


Does the BLE scan example work for you on both OS?
Which Android device /version do you use?
Is it foremost Apple-style beacons you are interested in?

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