Soft Keyboard Hides Input Fields

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Soft Keyboard Hides Input Fields

Postby ByteHerder » 06:05, 25 Feb 2016

I am using the Viewer to build my first test Cordova app with Evo. I have run into a problem that I have seen two suggestions for. If input fields are low on the screen, using an Android for development, when the input gains focus the soft keyboard pops up and covers it.

One suggested solution is to edit the config.xml file, which does not appear to exist when working with the viewer to develop an app, to set the value:

<item name="android:windowFullscreen">false</item>

Without the XML file, I'm suppose one could programmatically scroll the screen up to put the focused input field at just above 50% of viewport height. This means putting a zero height <div> below all page content, expanding it on input focus to half viewport height to shove all content above upwards. Is that really the solution?

Has anyone already come up with a solution that works on various Android and iOS devices?

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