Bluno Hello World

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Bluno Hello World

Postby rlima » 15:46, 25 Jan 2016

Hello, I wonder if you guys could help with one issue (Bluno Hello World)

I build a cordova native app, replacing the Bluno Hello World on the WWW folder of the cordova project folder, and then building it.
but when I run the android-debug.apk folder, it stays on the first page. I try to click SCAN and nothing happens. It seems that the JavaScript is working because it animates the click, but it doesnt do anything, it wont scan.

I wonder where is the problem?


PS: I have cordova-plugin-ble-central and the cordova-plugin-bluetoothle on the plugins folder.

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Re: Bluno Hello World

Postby Fredrik » 05:56, 29 Jan 2016

Our BLE plugin is named "cordova-plugin-ble". That's the one you'll need.

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Re: Bluno Hello World

Postby yomasa » 20:26, 25 Feb 2016

Did you get this working? , I have the same issue.

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