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based on lapka

Posted: 15:05, 21 Jan 2016
by shimamhmdi
hi...Im shima...I live in iran...sorry because of my weak english...
Im interested in IOT. i hope you know lapka... the application which is built for IOS.It uses some sensors to check the humidity...the emount of nitrates in food...the electromagnetics and so on... this app hasnt come to iran...because of the some accessories are banned to come to iran...and also its price is too high to buy... I wanted to build a mobile app based on lapka in iran...
my question is which kinds of hardwares are appropreate to me(such as arduino,texas instruments,...)?

Re: based on lapka

Posted: 08:56, 06 Feb 2016
by alex
Sorry, we don't know about this device yet. Please see a bigger forum like Stack Overflow!