How to read Scan response data ?

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How to read Scan response data ?

Postby TheRaven » 08:00, 23 Dec 2015


I would like to read the Scan response data of my device, without connexion.
Is it possible ?

In fact, I'm looking to modify the "BLE SCAN" app, to add the scan response data under the RSSI level.

I've been searching for 3 days, but I didn't find how to do it.

Thanks in advance for helping me !! :)

EDIT : Now, I'm able to read the ManufacturerData, but it only works one time over ten !
Do you know why ? And how can I improve the reading to avoir to have to read it a lot to have it ?

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Re: How to read Scan response data ?

Postby psvensson » 14:59, 23 Dec 2015

Hi, TheRaven,

Do you mean that you would like to access Bluetooth devices without being connected to any network? That should work OK, since Bluetooth and WiFi are not dependent on each other at all.

I'm glad that you have made it work, but the it's hard to troubleshoot the reasons it works so seldom. maybe you have other devices that you connect to by mistake (RSSI levels can fluctuate quite a bit, over time).


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Re: How to read Scan response data ?

Postby micke » 21:22, 29 Dec 2015


Hi, I suggest you use the library "EasyBLE" which makes it easy to access the field "advertisementData" on both Android and iOS.

Here is a forum post that provides some pointers:


Let me know if this helps. If not ping me at

Best regards, Mikael

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