Trouble getting BLE to work with Cordova app

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Re: Trouble getting BLE to work with Cordova app

Postby micke » 22:38, 29 Dec 2015


What I would suggest is trying to make a minimal app work with Evothings Viewer and the Workbench, and add in functionality from your app step-by-step. It is difficult to say something specific not having the code at hand.

Regarding building and app with PhobeGap Build that include the BLE plugin, I know people have been doing this and the plugin is now on npm to facilitate use with PhoneGap Build:

Have not tried PhoneGap Build myself however with the BLE plugin, and I also recall people having had problems, so it may be a bumpy ride.

Please let me know how it goes, ping me if you continue to work on this:

Best regards, Mikael

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