Confused about versions

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Confused about versions

Postby jrlandau » 01:16, 10 Nov 2015

The README for the ble plugin on Github says, "This plugin requires a Cordova version between 3.1.0 and 3.7.0. Cordova versions 4.0.0 and later are not supported." However, my system says that my Cordova version is 5.3.3 (responding to "cordova -v"). Should I be concerned? What to do?

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Re: Confused about versions

Postby Fredrik » 12:45, 12 Nov 2015

Apologies. The Readme file was out of date, but has now been corrected. The plugin supports Cordova 5.

You should not be concered, or need to do anything special. Go ahead and use the plugin! :)

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