Node.js Integration with Ble scan example

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Node.js Integration with Ble scan example

Postby ponlakshmi » 12:35, 03 Nov 2015

I have to develop APP which log the RSSI value in Excel sheet for that i have used some API from Node.js.When i insert these lines in original ble scan example code it is not display the devices.I want to know how to integrate node.js library with example in projects.Please anyone help me.Otherwise suggest me any other file handling method(which has to create file in local drive not in browser).

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Re: Node.js Integration with Ble scan example

Postby micke » 14:45, 03 Nov 2015


Which method do you use to store log data?

One way is to use some kind of server and send RSSI values there. For example a web server and send data using XHR requests.

For development and debugging, you can send log data to the Evothings Workbench Tools window. Just use hyper.log(), like this:

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hyper.log('RSSI: ' + rssi)

Where the variable rssi holds the value.

Note that for use with hyper,log, you need to be running the app from Evothings Workbench, so this will only work during development.

Best regards, Mikael

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