Alljoyn Cordova Plugin

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Alljoyn Cordova Plugin

Postby mikeyd » 13:55, 10 Sep 2015

Hi All,

I am interested in creating future proofed IOT products and hardware applications to allow for the best interoperability.
I have been doing some research into the best (open) common protocol platform and I would say that 'Alljoyn' from the allseenalliance seems to be coming out on top for me at the moment.

here is a good example of the app in action:

According to the software framework there is a Alljoyn Cordova plug-in available.... .... would it be possible to add this plug-ing to allow access to the framework features - or is there some other support method for Evothings Alljoyn compatibility.

Thanks in advance



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Re: Alljoyn Cordova Plugin

Postby micke » 22:20, 29 Dec 2015

Hi Michael,

Answering an old question here, did you make progress with the Alljoyn plugin?

It should be perfectly possible to add the plugin (or any other plugin) to the Evothings Viewer app.

Just edit this file and add you plugin there: ... ckage.json

The README file provides build instructions:

Best regads, Mikael

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