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Background mode in IOS

Posted: 09:54, 11 Mar 2015
by arickatz
Hi again,
I am testing the evothings cordova plugin with an Iphone 5c IOS 8.2.
I see that the scan function is not working in the background. It works in the foreground perfectly
and on android also works in the background perfectly, but for some reason on IOS it cannot scan.
Should I use a different function (I need to scan for a specific UUID)?
Do I need to set anything on the phone or on xcode? I chekc in xcode the background modes for: location updates, use Bluetooth le accessories, background fetch
and remote notifications.

Re: Background mode in IOS

Posted: 15:38, 15 Mar 2015
by micke

Is it the cordova-ble plugin you are using?

You would need to add settings to Xcode to make background scanning work. This is currently not automatically added when you add the plugin, but should be added.

Here is some links to info about iOS background processing (mostly iBeacon related): ... processing

Added an issue in the cordova-ble plugin repo for this:

Best regards, Mikael

Re: Background mode in IOS

Posted: 16:37, 15 Mar 2015
by arickatz
Thanks for the reply,
Yes, I am using the cordova ble plugin
Could you please be more explicit about the added settings required in xcode?
I did add all the core Bluetooth and location properties to the background services from xcode ui and
added the relevant strings to the .plist file, any other things I need to add?
should the startScan and the connect functions both work in background mode?

Re: Background mode in IOS

Posted: 19:24, 15 Mar 2015
by arickatz
I am continuing my test and it seems that I am getting the connect function to work.
I haven't tested the scan function, yet.

Re: Background mode in IOS

Posted: 22:12, 18 Mar 2015
by micke
Hello, it should be sufficient to add the bluetooth-central background mode in the plist settings. Have not tested this yet however.
Best, Micke

Re: Background mode in IOS

Posted: 15:42, 21 Mar 2016
by micke
Support for BLE background scanning on iOS available in this branch: ... background

Will be merged to master branch.