BLE RFDuino / Evothings-client-app

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BLE RFDuino / Evothings-client-app

Postby ibre_1 » 14:14, 31 Oct 2014

As far I have understood: the com.megster.cordova.rfduino is missing in the Evothings-client-app.
So I thought I produce an Evothings-client-app with the com.megster.cordova.rfduino plugin.
I downloaded the evothings-client-master/Ruby for Windows and started the workfile.rb.
Errors over errors appear!

So do you supply an Evothings-client-app with RFDuino plugin ?
(Or can you help me with the workfile.rb ?)

Thanks for yor help.
Regards : Martin

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Re: BLE RFDuino / Evothings-client-app

Postby micke » 12:13, 04 Nov 2014

Hi Martin,

As you say, the RFduino plugin is not included in Evothings Client.

How to build Evothings Client is a bit complex and is currently not well documented. There are come documentation comments in the build script workfile.rb. An easier approach is probably to build your own Cordova project (see below for further info on this option).

What you need to build Evothings Client is Cordova version that matches the version set in the build script. Then you need several other repositories checked out in folders parallel to the evothings-client repository. These are listed at the top of workfile.rb:

Code: Select all

# Dependencies - The following directory structure is required to build:
# cordova-ble
# cordova-plugin-ibeacon
# evothings-client
# evothings-examples
# mobile-chrome-apps
# BluetoothSerial

An easier approach is to build your own Cordova project. Then you can add the plugins you wish to use. The trick here is that you can use Evothings Workbench with any Cordova application. Just link to the address of the Workbench (displayed in the Workbench window, at the bottom of the project list). Here is info on how to do this: ... rEvothings

Also, this blogpost contains info that can be of use:

Let me know how it goes!

Very best regards, Mikael

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