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Electric Imp and the internet connected elevator

Posted: 07:27, 10 May 2014
by Eric
I have played around some with the Electric Imp. Its size and ease of use makes it highly useful and inspiring. For example during a previous hack event me and two friends managed to make an elevator connected to the internet with the use of the Electric Imp. It took us only two or three hours including eating pizza and drinking beers. I posted some photos below. Tell me if you're interested in more info as I have a blog post prepared and I'll then prioritise completing it.

Did anyone make or see any other cool projects that uses the Electric Imp?

One cool product supporting the Electric Imp is Lockitron that received fundings of 2,278,891 USD through Kickstarter.

Photo of elevator control panel with Electric Imp socket.
Photo showing how the Electric Imp was connected to the Elevator's controls.
Photo of the circuit boards