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Help To Start Evothings..

Posted: 07:00, 08 Dec 2014
by inzi25
I am a mobile app developer.Just now i started to use Evothings Studio.can any one please give some useful links to start my first application.

Re: Help To Start Evothings..

Posted: 10:36, 08 Dec 2014
by ardiri
there are a number of examples provided in the workbench which would be a great starting point.

are there any specific projects you have in mind you would like to consider getting started with? we build our examples to keep them simple so that you can easily understand and extend and build on top of them.

Re: Help To Start Evothings..

Posted: 21:18, 14 Mar 2015
by randomstuff
*install evothings workbench
*install evothings client app on your mobile device
*by starting evothings client on your computer you create a "server", then just start the evothings client app on your mobile device and connect to it
*after you're connected, just click "run" on any of the demos listed in the evothings client app. what is cool that if you change any of the files in the folder opened after clicking on "code" the mobile app automatically updates. that's it!

you should, however, be present on the same local network. both your cellphone and computer

publishing app is another chapter (althought not a difficult one, just a lot of installs), perhaps you should play with evothings client at first

i used this guide to create my first ibeacon app. i know your device is not an ibeacon, but the install steps aren't really that different and the application logic that you are going to write in javascript/html really depends on what you want to do

Re: Help To Start Evothings..

Posted: 09:41, 08 May 2015
by micke
There is now a guide called "Evothings Studio Starter Kit" that has info about how to get up and running:

Best, Micke