glibc 2.14

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glibc 2.14

Postby zdravko » 09:15, 20 Jan 2015

I've just installed Evothings Linux 1.1 but it requires glibc 2.14, while I have glibc 2.12. Do I really need to update Linux? This is CentoOS 6.

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Re: glibc 2.14

Postby micke » 09:44, 20 Jan 2015


The glibc version requirement is imposed by node-webkit. Evothings Workbench is built on node-webkit, so unfortunately we have no control over library versions.

Here is a post explaining the issue:

An here is someone else having a similar issue:

There does not seem to be much we can do about the glibc version requirement.

Sorry for the hazzle this is causing you.

Best regards, Mikael

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