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Using Bleduino TI CC2540 to build beacon

Posted: 15:51, 13 Mar 2016
by crisssak
Hi all,

I'm senior CS student and i use Bleduino to build beacon as part of my graduation project,
I use Bleduino from ElecFreaks i will attach the link, it's contain BLE with TI CC2540 chips and because the lack eof developer docs with Bleduino i cann'y use it to broadcast packet of data.

Please i'm in critical situation and i'm not that good in electronics and all i need is help from experts to -> broadcast radio signal that contain packet like the beacons (UUID,RSSI) using advertisement mode in the BLE that built in the BLEDUINO.
-How i set UUID ?
-How to broadcast it ?

Links :
- Bleduino |
- Tutorial i follow but Arduino sketch for Redbear not working with Bleduino |

Thank You,

Re: Using Bleduino TI CC2540 to build beacon

Posted: 17:15, 13 Mar 2016
by alex
The dev guys are back tomorron, while this example might give some hints: ... y-dfrobot/