TI SensorTag As An iBeacon

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TI SensorTag As An iBeacon

Postby DawletMazen » 08:45, 26 Sep 2014


I was very inspired to begin a project related to iBeacons and I was going to try my idea using TI SensorTag first (mostly using the tutorial on EVOTHINGS) when I was struck by the fact that I need to have an Apple iBeacon License to be able to convert the SensorTag to work as an iBeacon based on what is written here: http://www.ti.com/tool/sensortag-sw which completely contradicts with the idea of the SensorTag and have it as a development kit for developers !!!

Does anyone have an idea on how to resolve this issue as I have already purchased the SensorTag :x

Appreciate your urgent help?


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Re: TI SensorTag As An iBeacon

Postby ardiri » 15:32, 27 Sep 2014

we actually had to go through the same process to convert the TI Sensor tag into an iBeacon - it does add a layer of complexity. i believe it comes down to a license agreement (or, lack of it) between TI and Apple. there are other vendors of Arduino based devices that also allow the use of the BLE device as an iBeacon - such as Light Blue Bean (http://punchthrough.com/bean/) but this would be another purchase. an explanation is provided here (by Jarle Boe, who works at TI)

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