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Estimote phonegap plugin

Posted: 15:02, 03 Mar 2015
by wsadiq
Using the evothings phonegap plugin for estimote, is it possible to either load an application that is not yet loaded or bring it to the foreground when the user enters a beacon's range?

Re: Estimote phonegap plugin

Posted: 13:34, 06 Mar 2015
by micke
Yes background processing should be possible given that the app is set up for this in Xcode.

How to do this is not yet documented in the plugin documentation. Here are notes with a compilation of links for how to set up background actions: ... tion-guide

Best, Mikael

Re: Estimote phonegap plugin

Posted: 13:51, 06 Mar 2015
by wsadiq
Great - thanks. Let me take a look at it.

Re: Estimote phonegap plugin

Posted: 17:34, 09 Mar 2015
by wsadiq

First - thanks for your previous answer. You mentioned the solution for iOS but how about Android? Do you have some samples of supporting iBeacon on Android when the application is running in the background?

Secondly- I need to add to this the scenario when the application is not even running. I know that iOS 7 supports that but I am not sure about Android. Is this scenario also supported. Appreciate your response.



Re: Estimote phonegap plugin

Posted: 23:48, 18 Mar 2015
by micke
Hello, I am working on a tutorial that illustrates the use of background notifications on Android and iOS.

Here is work in progress: ... va-ibeacon

The example uses a generic iBeacon plugin, but works just as well with the Estimote plugin.

Tested this working on Android an iOS.

Check out the file for a draft of the tutorial.

Best, Micke